As a Preferred Customer or Associate (Distributor) member of Dr. Conaway's Power Hour Pantry, you are entitled to purchase Youngevity products at the lowest wholesale pricing. You are also eligible to set up an automatic, monthly (Autoship) order of over $50.00 and receive free shipping (only in the U.S.).


Place online orders at wholesale prices 24/7 in your Youngevity Business Center.


To log into your Youngevity Business Center go to: and fill out the "Member Login" Information.


Once you are logged in, on the purple bar click the "Back Office" tab, which will take you into your Business Center. Once inside the Business Center, on the purple bar click on the "My Orders" tab then select "New Order" to process your order at wholesale prices.


If you forgot your password, go to: -- fill in the email address you registered with Youngevity and select the "Submit" button; a new password will be sent to your email. When you receive your new password return to -- login and follow the Access Business Center instructions above.


If you are unable to log into your Business Center after following the instructions above: U.S. and Canada associates call Youngevity at 800-982.3189; International associates call Youngevity at 619-934-3980


Youngivity offers a great Autoship service (an automatic monthly purchase) that allows you to save money on orders over $50.00 by not paying shipping. This is offered ONLY in the United States. To activate your Autoship, go into your Business Center and on the purple bar click the "Autoship" tab and follow the directions.

RE-ORDER BY PHONE - Call Youngevity at 800-982-3197


All international orders (Excluding Canada, New Zealand and Australia) must be placed by phone or fax ONLY at Youngevity Customer Service Phone: 619-934-3980 , Fax: ( 619) 934-3205


Visit the Member Resource Center for training tools and much more at

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